Patient Profile


Profession: Retired
Hobbies: Family
Doctor: Dr Kushagra Verma

Briefly describe your symptoms and the medical condition that brought you to see the doctor.

I had back pain that was becoming increasingly severe. I had had surgery about two years ago and got a bit of relief but the pain started coming back. The pain was going down to my legs. I was referred to Dr. Verma and from the very first time myself, my daughter, and son-in-law met with Dr Verma, we were at peace. He looked at the MRI results and with much compassion, explained to us that I would need to have another surgery to correct my back problem and take care of the pain that was going down to my legs. Dr Verma performed the surgery successfully and the pain that went from my back down to the my legs went away after the surgery.

What one or two things stand out to you about your experience with your doctor and their team?

He continued to stay in touch with our family checking on my progress and promptly answering our questions.
Dr Verma is down to earth and easy to relate to. I was very pleased with his care.

What advice would you like to share with a patient with a condition such as yours who is considering surgery?

It's a great feeling not to have back pain that radiates down to your legs.

Please share any additional comments!

If you are looking for an excellent spine surgeon, call the UW orthopedics and spine doctors and ask for Dr Verma.