Patient Profile


Profession: Retired
Hobbies: Music
Doctor: Dr. Kushagra Verma

Briefly describe your symptoms and the medical condition that brought you to see the doctor.

My disabled son needed back surgery for bulging discs. We were referred to Dr. Verma.
Dr Verma heard all of my concerns, assured me my son would be taken care of, saw to it I was informed by all the appropriate Doctors of just what would be done with my son.
I let him know I wanted to see my son as soon as he came out of surgery. Dr. Verma had someone call me every hour to let me know how surgery was going and that my son was doing fine, he came to the waiting room and got me as soon as surgery was over and took me to the recovery room so I would be there when my son arrived so I could see him wake up.
As I, myself, needed back surgery I went to Dr. Verma. He and the hospital staff took care of me as well as they did my son.
Dr. Verma continues to call and check up how my son and I are doing and I can never express my gratitude for him enough.

What one or two things stand out to you about your experience with your doctor and their team?

The understanding they had of my concern for my son.
Dr. Verma was aware that I am care provider for my son and prior to my surgery he asked if there was going to be someone to care for them while I was incapable. No other Doctor has bothered to ask me that and I was very impressed.

What can you do now that you could not do before surgery? Have you been able to return to your hobbies or sports at the same level as pre-injury or at an even higher level?

I am only 4 weeks from surgery so I am not able to do all of the things I could but I am recovering as well as expected.

What advice would you like to share with a patient with a condition such as yours who is considering surgery?

I would strongly suggest you contact Dr. Verma's office and arrange to see him.