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Profession: Science
Doctor: Winston Warme

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18month update:

I passed my 18 month anniversary fly fishing in Belize, casting an 8-weight rod for bone fish eight hours a day, and I wasn’t sore at all.
I am so, so, SO pleased with my rebuilt shoulder!
I was pleased with how it felt a year after surgery, but I can’t believe how much better it was after even a few more months. I took sabbatical this summer and spent the time roaming around the west camping, fishing, climbing, cycling, surfing, etc. I was pleasantly surprised I was still able to set up an anchor and do a little climbing. The picture below is from a canyoneering trip in Zion. Coiling the rope was probably the most difficult part of the outing.
I went swimming in Whitefish Lake. I haven’t been able to swim for a decade. I played catch with my son and threw pine cones for the dogs. It’s also a lot easier to catch a wave surfing now. I can actually paddle!
During Christmas break I played squash for an hour, and I’ve been playing semi-regularly since. In short, the ream and run has been fantastic for me.