Patient Profile


Profession: Retired
Hobbies: Travel
Doctor: Dr. Winston Warme

Briefly describe your symptoms and the medical condition that brought you to see the doctor.

I was picking mushrooms in very steep terrain, when I slipped and fell on a very slippery rock. I immediately could hear and feel "something" tear in my shoulder. Pain in my shoulder was persistent over the next months and ultimately I chose to have an MRI scan and it was determined that I tore my rotator cuff when falling.

What one or two things stand out to you about your experience with your doctor and their team?

After researching orthopedic doctors, I ultimately chose Dr. Warme for his specialization on shoulder injuries. After my first visit, I was impressed with his "down to earth" and honest opinions and approach. I asked him questions with regard to his experience and competence in which he would humbly and willingly reply. He always had a great attitude and provided me with great confidence in his abilities.

What can you do now that you could not do before surgery? Have you been able to return to your hobbies or sports at the same level as pre-injury or at an even higher level?

Before surgery, I was very limited in my lifting and movement of my arm and shoulder. Pain was persistent particularly at night. The orthoscopic surgery went very well, but I must say that the pain and discomfort after the surgery was not "a piece of cake". However, after a few weeks, things started to improve and at 6 months my pain and limited mobility was quickly passing. Now, after a year, I am back to my normal range of motion and pain free.

What advice would you like to share with a patient with a condition such as yours who is considering surgery?

When considering rotator cuff surgery, I think it is very important to research and find a doctor with significant specialized experience, who performs orthoscopic surgery. A "connection" and confidence in the doctor you choose is important as well.

Please share any additional comments!

Dr. Warme's extensive experience with shoulder injuries, his demeanor, attitude, honesty, and forthright approach impressed me. I would highly recommend this doctor.