Patient Profile


Profession: Business
Doctor: Dr. Reza Firoozabadi

Briefly describe your symptoms and the medical condition that brought you to see the doctor.

On May 20th, 2013 my then 3 year old daughter Tylyn, and I were finishing up yardwork and I needed to pull the cars back into the garage. I sent my daughter inside as I got into the car. Little did I know that Tylyn had gone into the house and ran back out through another door before I moved the car. She wanted to hide from me so she chose to crawl under the back of my car and hide. I put the car into reverse and let off the brakes to hear an awful scream. I put the car in park and ran around to the back passenger side to see my rear wheel sitting on top of my three year old daughter's pelvis. Horrified, I jumped back into the car and drove the car forward back off of her just as my wife came and scooped her up. We were freaking out as you can imagine. We dialed 911 and went to our neighbors house as she is an ER nurse to wait for paramedics. We were taken to Harborview Trauma where it was determined that Tylyn's pelvis was broken in multiple places. Dr Firoozabadi and team took over from there. As you can imagine, my wife and I were in a state of shock, worrying that we were going to lose our precious daughter. I was also taken over by the guilt of causing this accident.

What one or two things stand out to you about your experience with your doctor and their team?

Dr. Firoozabadi did an amazing job slowing down time for me when he talked to reassure us that everything was going to be ok. These words are near impossible to believe when you are in the moment, but I could see that he truly felt for us as a doctor as well as a father. Tylyn went into an initial surgery immediately to stabilize her pelvis and was then set for surgery a day later to fix the breaks. The breaks were fairly rare and Dr Firoozabadi wanted time to bounce this case off on other top Orthopedic surgeons around the country to ensure the best aproach for the surgery. He reassured us that he wanted to give her the best chance to be able to go back to functioning as a normal kid again. I remember very vividly the day surgery was set and my daughter getting rolled into the operating room she looked at me and begged me not to leave her side. She asked me if she was leaving to go see baby Jesus. That moment was the darkest moment of my life as I reassured my daughter that everything was going to be ok fighting back my emotions. Dr. Firoozabadi stopped to talk to my wife and I before going into surgery to tell us what to expect. He told us that the surgery would take anywhere from one to four hours but to not worry if it takes longer. He said that he was going to take his time to make sure the surgery was perfect and everything was aligned 100% before he would be satisfied. He also said that he will be taking the time needed as if Tylyn was his own daughter. This gave us faith that we had the best person possible taking care of our daughter.

What can you do now that you could not do before surgery? Have you been able to return to your hobbies or sports at the same level as pre-injury or at an even higher level?

The surgery took four hours but was a success. Tylyn was stuck in a wheelchair for six weeks as her pelvis healed. On July 5th, the pins and external fixator came off and a day later Tylyn took her first steps. It was only a few months after the accident that Tylyn had gained all her muscle mass back and was well on her way to a full recovery. Fast forward to today (February 25th, 2015) and I am ecstatic to report that Tylyn is 100% back to normal! As a matter of fact, Tylyn is a very gifted athlete for her age and is on a show team in Gymnastics. You would never know that such a horrible accident happened to my daughter. She is a fighter, but I thank God every day that Dr. Firoozabadi was there to give my daughter the best opportunity possible to live a normal life.

What advice would you like to share with a patient with a condition such as yours who is considering surgery?

I hope that my story can provide a bit of comfort to others that are faced with a similiar situation. I know that it's hard to relate when it is your child on the table, but believe me when I say that Dr. Firoozabadi is the absolute best out there.