Patient Profile


Profession: Construction
Hobbies: 4-wheeling, Auto mechanics, Jet skiing, MotoSport, Pets
Doctor: Dr. Reza Firoozabadi

Briefly describe your symptoms and the medical condition that brought you to see the doctor.

My girlfriend and I decided to rent a jet ski on Memorial Day weekend while spending the weekend in our RV at Moses Lake. We left the dock in the early afternoon on Memorial Day and were driving to various coves checking out all the wildlife on this sunny summer day. The weather was great high 70's and the lake was smooth. We decided to head back to the dock to have some lunch. On our way back we encountered 3 huge waves. When we hit the first one we both came off the seat of the ski and then back down on top of the ski with the passenger landing on top of me, and into the water we went. A couple (Mike and Linda) in a boat saw us in the water and offered their swim platform while we assessed if there were injuries. I felt as I had only had the wind knocked out of me and just needed a few minutes to catch my breath. When I tried to get up thatís when I felt the sharp pain in my hips and agreed to seek medical attention. Mike and Lynda were so nice and gave us a ride to the dock were they had called for help to meet us there. Their son took the ski back to the dock and tied it up for the owner to pick up. The EMT's met us at the dock and put me on the stretcher and off to the Moses Lake ER I went. After the scan I was notified by the attending physician that I would soon be on my way to Harbor View. The flight there was quick and the two lady EMT's that attended me were great, they managed my pain and every aspect of my care. I woke up in the ICU on Monday to meet Dr. Firoozabadi and his team of experts. He explained that I had an "Open Book" fracture of my pelvis and I needed surgery and what would be accomplished during the procedure. He and his staff also helped my family understand the procedure and put any concerns to rest. Being a member of IBEW the word was getting out to the brotherhood about what had happened and soon many of the brothers were by to visit. Being an employee of one of Washington's top 100 companies, there were soon many visitors from work as well, including several owners. The support of all these caring people was and is greatly appreciated. It seemed as though this huge family was always there for me and my family. I woke up post-surgery and was soon met by Dr. Firoozabadi assuring me of the success of the surgery and answering any questions that my family and I had. His team also helped with all the paperwork for insurance and post-operative and ICU care. They went above and beyond all of my expectations. After several weeks at Harbor View I was transferred to an assisted living facility while my home was being modified to accommodate me in a wheel chair. After a couple of months at home in the wheel chair I was able to start taking steps with crutches. At 4 months post-surgery I was able to begin taking steps without the crutches. At 5 months I'm walking although a bit wobbly. I'm looking forward to being able to get back to work in a few more months. I have been working out 5 days a week most of the time in hopes to help my body get back in shape to be able to do the heavy physical construction work I'm used to. Thanks to Dr. Firoozabadi and his excellent team this will be possible.

What one or two things stand out to you about your experience with your doctor and their team?

Dr. Firoozabadi and his team of experts were always there for anything they could help with. Even sending me to this website so I could help others.

What can you do now that you could not do before surgery? Have you been able to return to your hobbies or sports at the same level as pre-injury or at an even higher level?

I can walk! I'm only 5 months into recovery so I'm still working on the strength to return to normal activities.

What advice would you like to share with a patient with a condition such as yours who is considering surgery?

Surgery was the only option for this type of injury. I would trust Dr. Firoozabadi to do any surgery.

Please share any additional comments!

Thanks also to the Harbor View ICU staff all of you were exceptional! To all of the professionals at Harbor View Thank You all!!!!!