Patient Profile


Profession: Education
Doctor: Reza Firoozabadi, MD, MA

When I woke up from the nightmare of my horrific car accident, I soon learned, as an elementary school teacher reading that infamous poetry line, that "all kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again", depended on whether one had the Best Pelvic Surgeon in the country!

But you Dr. Reza did in fact put ME back together again!

Your calming and sure sounding voice from our first meeting in ICU, allowed a very frightened me, the confidence to begin my road to recovery and move forward with the surgery to repair my damaged Pelvis.

I apologize again for giving you a bit of a scare, when I decided to use the restroom on my own …the day after my surgery!! But, I could not remember if ANYONE told me I couldn't! Anyway, as you said, after I was x-rayed to make certain I did not ruin your masterful work, at least you knew I would be able to walk!

With your instructions to the physical therapists, I asked them, characteristically, What CAN'T I do! Well as you know, 4 months later, thanks to your skills and unselfish encouragement, I am back teaching my first graders!

And each time I hear that Humpty Dumpty poem, I can't help smile and think of YOU!