Patient Profile


Hobbies: Juggling, Music, Puppetry, Theater/Opera
Doctor: Winston J. Warme, MD

Briefly describe your symptoms and the medical condition that brought you to see the doctor.

I had just been in a cycling accident where I was thrown to the sidewalk, with my right arm taking all of the impact - fracturing severely.

What one or two things stand out to you about your experience with your doctor and their team?

I felt very well informed about the specifics of my injury, the risks involved in surgery, and the potential for recovery. The level of commitment to restoring me to full mobility was palpable in their attention and attitude.

What can you do now that you could not do before surgery? Have you been able to return to your hobbies or sports at the same level as pre-injury or at an even higher level?

Prior to surgery, I had no use of my right arm. I have regained around 90% or more of my mobility and the "2nd chance" has motivated me to be more active. Through weight training I have become much stronger than I was pre-surgery.

What advice would you like to share with a patient with a condition such as yours who is considering surgery?

There is every reason to believe that you will make a dramatic recovery, knowing that your commitment to healing will be matched by the commitment of the UW Orthopaedics team to your success.